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Titanium Plate Excellent Specific Strength

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Electroplating Trough Anode Titanium basket, such as copper cylinder, Titanium Plate nickel cylinder, tin cylinder using tin (surface ruthenium, rhodium plating treatment); Gold cylinder insoluble anode (surface using platinum plating, ruthenium or rhodium plating); heating tube/device (sometimes also into a hot pen); cooling tubes, and some equipment for the casing! Titanium, as a kind of precious metal, Titanium Plate titanium plate and titanium alloy board are widely used in electroplating production of PCB enterprises, with excellent mechanical properties and excellent specific strength (strength/density ratio), titanium alloys have excellent performance; the mechanical properties of titanium alloys are affected by the following factors: the type of alloy, the amount and proportion of the alloys, Titanium Plate the processing method, the amount of processing, Heat treatment conditions before use and so on. For example, titanium trough, mainly with multi-layer titanium plate inside the black/brown processing, multi-layer plate in addition to the slag swelling, in addition to rubber trough (sometimes chemical copper alkaline oil tank also applicable, but more than 316 stainless steel.
Ti belongs to precious metal, its relative density is small, its strength is high and its strength is high. Below I will introduce the titanium and titanium plate quality corrosion-resistant properties, know titanium pump, titanium plate pump can use the occasion and role. In a specific environment with excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium pump, titanium plate pump is a strong corrosion-resistant pump, suitable for alkali acid,Titanium Plate it is also called alkali acid pump. Its strong corrosion resistance, the key is titanium this metal.
Corrosion resistance of titanium and titanium plates The titanium material has a high degree of stability in a neutral or weakly acidic oxide solution, for example, titanium and titanium plates in the 100℃fecl100℃ CuC12, 100 ℃ HgC1: (all concentrations), 60% of ALCL2 and 100 ℃ all concentrations of NaCl are stable, Titanium Plate Many other metal oxides of titanium are also stable in 100%-acetic acid and 100% of acetic acid, thus making titanium and titanium plates widely available in the solution.
Titanium and titanium plates in gasoline, toluene, phenol, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, acetic acid, citric acid, a chloro-June, etc. have a high corrosion resistance, but in the boiling point and not inflated, titanium in the mass fraction less than 25% of formic acid will be seriously corroded, in the solution containing acetic anhydride, titanium is not only a serious overall corrosion, and will produce pitting, Titanium Plate for many organic synthesis process contact complex organic medium, such as in the production of propylene oxide, phenol, acetone, chloroacetic acid and other chemical medium, titanium and titanium plate corrosion resistance is better than other structural materials of stainless steel Yang