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Titanium Bars Large Area Adhesion

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The titanium rod has the advantages of light weight, high strength, excellent mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely used for: aerospace, ships, auto parts, Titanium Bars bicycle parts, seawater desalination in marine engineering, mariculture, offshore oil drilling, seawater pipelines; marine thermal energy Conversion power plants, condensers, steam turbine titanium blades in the power industry; chlor-alkali, soda ash, urea, and vacuum salt petroleum chemistry in Chemical industry Electrolysis, Titanium Bars electroplating in metallurgical industry, textile, papermaking, fuel in light industry, equipment manufacturing machines in medical and medical industries replacement of joints, decoration in construction, manufacture of sports equipment, Titanium Bars computers in daily life, cameras, watches, glasses, mobile phones, kitchenware, and handicrafts.
1: The chemical composition of titanium and titanium alloy bar should conform to GB/T 3620.1, Titanium Bars the allowable deviation of chemical composition shall conform to gb/t3620.2.
2: the diameter or length of hot-working rods and their permissible deviations shall conform to the requirements of table I.
3: After the hot processing of the vehicle (grinding) light bar and cold rolling,Titanium Bars the diameter tolerance of cold-drawn bar should conform to the provisions of Table II.
4: After the hot processing of the vehicle (grinding) The roundness of the bar should not be less than the size of the tolerance of the half.
5: The length of the indefinite ruler of the processing bar is 300-6000mm, and the length of the annealing rod is 300-2000mm, and the length of the fixed ruler or the ruler shall be within the range of the indefinite ruler length. The allowable deviation of the length is +20mm; Titanium Bars The volume of each incision is 5mm. The length of the fixed ruler or the double ruler shall be specified in the contract.
From the micro-general, abrasive and adhesion of the process is the cutting edge of the first small area adhesion gradually large area of adhesion, grinding particle micro-crushing,Titanium Bars and then grinding debris fall, titanium rod grinding zone plastic deformation. The abrasive and the workpiece are bonded to each other, which has both physical adsorption effect and chemical adsorption effect, in addition to the shearing force of the relative slip, the material is transferred to the abrasive grains, which is the whole process of the grinding wheel adhesion. Titanium Bars The grinding wheel adhesion is very simple, which makes the grinding zone temperature rise, and the grinding surface is distributed along the workpiece layer, which is accompanied with the transformation layer and residual stress.
During the grinding and cooling process, the density of oxide film on the grinding surface reaches the exceeding critical temperature when the grinding depth is large, and the grinding arc area will rise sharply due to the film pleasure of the grinding fluid, and the cooling effect becomes worse. Titanium Bars When the elevated temperature exceeds the limit of the usual abrasive, Titanium Bars the abrasive grains fall due to softening and damage. So it is necessary to choose the new superhard grinding wheel to increase the tolerance of the high temperature in the grinding arc zone.