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Heat Exchanger Precision Machining Titanium Coil

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Product description
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Product Description

Name:Heat Exchanger Precision Machining Titanium Coil.

Standard:GB/T 3622,ASTM B265.

Mode of production:

roll down:

The manufacturing method of titanium foil is flat roller belt rolling, with high productivity and large scale and yield. Basically use a six-roll cold rolling mill or a 20-roll cold rolling mill for production.

heat treatment:

There are two mainstream heat treatment methods for titanium strip foil: vacuum annealing and continuous online protection annealing. Vacuum annealing is the coil or sheet titanium foil placed in the vacuum furnace for heat treatment; the continuous online protection annealing of titanium strip foil is a new technology in recent years, compared with vacuum annealing has higher production efficiency, and higher product quality, but the equipment threshold is high, especially the product quality and mechanical properties of titanium strip foil.

Product features:

1. High strength: The strength / density ratio of titanium is better than other metals, and it can be made of titanium into components with high strength, good rigidity and light weight. Titanium is used in aircraft engines, frames, skins, fasteners, and landing gear.

2. Anti-corrosion: Compared with stainless steel, titanium alloy has better corrosion effect in humid air and seawater, and titanium has great resistance to point corrosion, acid corrosion and stress corrosion. Titanium alkali resistance to chloride, chlorinated organic matter, sulfuric acid, nitric acid corrosion.

3. High temperature resistance: the application temperature of titanium is higher than that of aluminum alloy. Titanium can work for long periods at 450-500℃. The titanium alloy stil has a high strength at operating temperatures of 150-500℃. Titanium can work at temperatures of up to 500℃.

4. Low temperature resistance: Titanium alloy still has its mechanical properties when working at low temperature or ultra-low temperature conditions. Titanium alloy with low-temperature resistance and very low gap still has good ductility, therefore, titanium alloy is a good low-temperature structural material.

5. Environmental protection metal: the thermal conductivity of titanium is lower than that of carbon steel or copper, but titanium has a very good corrosion resistance, so the thickness of titanium can be greatly reduced, and the heat exchange mode is the drip of condensation between titanium and vapor. This mode reduces the heat transfer resistance, and the titanium surface is not scaled, resulting in better titanium thermal conductivity.

6. Good thermal conductivity: Titanium is a non-magnetic metal, which can not be magnetized in a large magnetic field, and titanium is non-toxic and compatible with the blood, so titanium has been used in the medical field.


About us
     Shenyang Bona Titanium Technology Co., Ltd is located in Shenyang, China. We are the manufacturer of non-ferrous.
  We have strong technical force and complete equipment, excellent products, the completed equipment and standardized testing to ensure the reliability of the product quality and stability.
  Our main products include titanium and titanium alloys, nickel and nickel alloys, zirconium and zirconium alloys, the common products such as rod/bar, plate/sheet, wire, tube/pipe. The others like Tees, fasteners, castings, machining parts, forgings, and also other goods made according to the customer's requirements.
  We have a large stock of titanium bars, plates, lumps and rolled or forged flat materials. We offer our best price and best service to our customers that from all over the world.
  Please give both of us an opportunity to cooperate with each other.

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