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The advantage of titanium is that it has a high strength, the mass ratio (high strength, but light weight) good corrosion resistance, non-magnetic thermal expansion and thermal conductivity, impact toughness (some riders call the metal reducibility ) And anti-fatigue index high main features. Titanium Pipe In material science, titanium alloy is called allotropic metal, because it can show different crystal shapes, hexagons or cubes. Titanium tubes and titanium alloy tube is mainly used for military, PAW this method has not been applied to bicycle manufacturing, and then noble and complex chemical processes. Titanium Pipe Pure titanium means nothing because it is too soft In order to make it useful, titanium is extremely difficult to extract because it must be isolated. Titanium Pipe You must add another metal to it as an assistant. Of course, the premise of all this is based on the inherent nature of titanium itself. The main difficulty is that titanium is susceptible to wear and tear caused by friction. A simple example is high speed. If the titanium tube is used in the industrial chain, the abrasion of a pure titanium flywheel is as severe as the reaction when welding. To use such a chemical example to explain would make it easier for everyone to understand, but not to scare people. Although the hexagonal crystal structure of titanium makes it excellent in properties, Titanium Pipe the temperature changes the structure (here, chemical changes do not belong to the same category as the physical changes such as thermal expansion and thermal conduction mentioned above). For this reason, Titanium Pipe To saturate the crystal structure, titanium alloy can not have a little impurity, even a very small content.
Nor can the shielding gas provide a completely gas-tight environment. Gloves or to contact the pipe. In order to reduce this effect, a good welding workshop will purify the air environment, and will in this space into a large number of neutral gas, all of this significant problem is the cost increase (now we should know Why expensive titanium frame it) are the use of electric arc. Titanium Pipe Can not be taken to approach the approximation of the attitude, welding, a titanium alloy frame high temperature environment, to all the dangerous areas with gas isolation, Titanium Pipe so that impurities are not "infected" called the bath-type melting (imagine People wash the hot bath, the body is surrounded by hot water, as the name implies) so the use of gas is called "supervisory gas" welding environment, Titanium Pipe this gas is inert, there are two ways to invent a welding environment, the first One method is to use a bell jar. The other method is to maintain an inert gas supply at the welding site. It requires constant flow, rich flow, steady flow, and the entire environment with airflow.
Titanium alloys have high strength and low density, good mechanical properties, good toughness and corrosion resistance.In addition, the process performance of titanium alloy is poor, cutting processing is difficult, and in hot processing, it is very easy to absorb impurities such as hydrogen and oxygen nitrogen.There is also the resistance to wear, the production process is complex.The industrial production of titanium began in 1948.The need for aviation industry development has enabled the titanium industry to grow at an average annual rate of about 8 per cent.At present, the annual production of titanium alloy in the world has reached 40,000 tons and nearly 30 kinds of titanium alloy plate number.The most widely used titanium alloys are ti-6al-4v (TC4), ti-5al-2.5 Sn(TA7) and industrial pure titanium (TA1, TA2 and TA3).
Titanium alloys are mainly used to make aircraft engine compressor parts, followed by rocket, missile and high-speed aircraft structure.60 s, titanium and its alloy has set up a file in the general industrial application, used for making electrode electrolysis industry, power plant condenser, oil refining and seawater desalination heater and environmental pollution control devices, etc.Titanium and its alloys have become an anticorrosive structure.It is also used in the production of hydrogen storage materials and shape memory alloys.
China began research on titanium and titanium alloys in 1956;In the mid-1960s, the industrial production of titanium was developed and TB2 alloy was developed.
 has two homogenous different crystal: under 882 ℃ to close the six-party alpha titanium structure, above 882 ℃ for body centered cubic beta titanium.
The effects of alloy elements on the phase transition temperature can be divided into three categories:
The elements that stabilize alpha phase and improve phase transition temperature are alpha stable elements, including aluminum, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen.Aluminum is the main alloy element of titanium alloy. It has obvious effect on improving the normal temperature and high temperature strength, reducing the proportion and increasing the elastic modulus.
The elements that stabilize beta phase and decrease phase change temperature are beta stable elements, and can be divided into two types: crystal type and eutectic type.Titanium alloy products are used
The former has molybdenum, niobium, vanadium and so on;The latter has chromium, manganese, copper, iron, silicon and so on.
The elements that have little influence on phase transition temperature are neutral elements, such as zirconium, tin and so on.