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Titanium Bars Production Technical Requirements

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Titanium Bars
Since entering the industrial production in 1951, since the discovery of titanium in human beings in 1790. Titanium gradually shows its unique superior performance. Not only has the superior performance of metal structure data, but also in many process media has excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium applications can be significantly technological progress and economic benefits. Titanium reserves of copper ten times, following the iron, aluminum after the third metal "is called" space metal. "
Resources and very rich, due to the titanium has a series of excellent performance. Titanium industrial production came out immediately after the widespread attention. Titanium application first from the military and aviation industry began as early as 1951 the United States will use titanium on the aircraft, the former Soviet Union, the British titanium is also mainly used in the military and aviation fields. Titanium is the first for aviation, the aviation market has been the most important market for titanium, the world still accounts for 50% of the total titanium market in the 1970s, titanium excellent performance gradually in the civilian industry has been widely recognized, metallurgy, chemical , Electricity and other civilian industries on the application increased year by year, the amount of steady growth. I believe that with the new application of titanium rods and titanium alloy from time to time development and development, in short. Titanium new dosage from time to time rise, the future development of new applications of titanium market prospects.
The venue exhibited a new type of household solar energy appliances, new energy vehicles and other energy-saving environmental protection products, so that we feel the pace of rapid development of China's emerging industries, and life are closely related to all types of low-carbon, environmentally friendly products become the most popular protagonist. In the 6,7 Hall, a variety of living with us more and more close high-tech products. A piece of domestic fighter, Shenzhou series of spacecraft photos eye-catching, because the original titanium strength of more than 18% of steel, joined the titanium golf club is not only more durable, and light. Vanadium titanium added to the car shell, brake parts, the collision, durability greatly improved. And prospects for the development of new titanium market prospects. In the long run, titanium in the construction, automotive, computer and other emerging markets in the application. The future of titanium new application market prospects.
Titanium rod has good physical and chemical properties, low density, light weight, non-magnetic, high strength, good corrosion resistance, which has good mechanical properties and welding performance, titanium rod is widely used in chemical equipment, desalination , Marine parts, electroplating industry, titanium corrosion resistance is generally 10 times the stainless steel, and titanium metal is relatively low rejection of the metal, so the processing of medical titanium rods, widely used in human implantation and medical equipment The
Titanium rod production technical requirements:
1, titanium and titanium alloy bar chemical composition should be consistent with GB / T 3620.1, the provisions of the re-inspection, the chemical composition of the allowable deviation should be consistent with the provisions of GB / T 3620.2.
2, the diameter or side of the thermal processing rod and its allowable deviation should be consistent with the provisions of Table 1.
3, after the thermal processing by car (grinding) light bar and cold-rolled, cold-drawn bar diameter deviation should be consistent with the provisions of Table II.
4, after the heat processing by the car (grinding) light rod bar length should not be greater than half the size of its tolerance.
5, the processing of the bar length of the length of 300-6000mm, annealing state bar length of length of 300-2000mm, length or length should be in the length of the length of the length of the range
Titanium rod light weight, high strength, superior mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely used in: aerospace, ships, auto parts, bicycle parts, marine engineering desalination, mariculture, offshore oil drilling, sea water pipelines; power industry in the ocean thermal power station, condenser, steam Turbine Titanium Blade; Chlor-Alkali, Soda Ash, Urea, and Vacuum Salt Chemical Petrochemical Industry Petrochemical; Electrolytic, Electroplating in Metallurgical Industry; Textile, Papermaking, Fuel in Light Industry; ; Decoration in the construction industry; manufacture of sports equipment, manufacture of computers, cameras, watches, eyeglasses, cell phones, kitchenware, and handicrafts in daily li