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Titanium Pipe Welding Process

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Titanium Pipe Welding Process
Pipe cutting and groove processing of pipe; pipe cutting and groove processing should be carried out in a special workplace using mechanical processing methods. Processing with non-polluting media to clean water to prevent oxidation. The tool should be dedicated and kept clean to prevent contamination of the iron. Processing of a good nozzle should ensure that the surface smooth, no cracks, heavy skin and other defects. The maximum inclination deviation of the incision plane does not exceed 1% of the pipe diameter.
Surface cleaning: with austenitic stainless steel wire brush to remove the titanium tube all welding surface and groove near the 100mm within the rust, paint, dirt, dust and can react with the titanium debris. With the wheel dressing processing surface, remove the flash, burr, convex and other defects.
The titanium tube, accessories alignment, folder, the axis shall not be offset, the gap is uniform, and should prevent the titanium tube in the assembly was damaged and contaminated. Avoid forced grouping. The same welding process is used for positioning welding and formal welding.
Titanium tube degreasing treatment: with celluloid sponge dip sulfur-free ethanol or sulfur-free acetone on all welding surfaces and groove near the 50mm all do degreasing treatment, the treated surface should be no residue. Welding: should be carried out under the conditions specified in the relevant standards.
Study on the Casting Material of Titanium Tube
With the titanium tube applications continue to expand, the amount is also rising. Titanium tube has been applied in the construction, in order to make more scientific construction to the majority of users to provide high-performance titanium tube.
The research on refractory materials for molds has always been associated with titanium tube and titanium alloy tube crucible materials. Based on the kinetic aspects, the crucible material is in contact with the titanium liquid for a long time, The contact material is much shorter, so the available crucible material can be used as a casting material for titanium tubing. Materials that have been studied include carbides, nitrides, borides, sulfides, oxides, rare earth oxides, fluorides, oxyfluorides, sulfur oxides, and refractory metals such as W and Mo. Only a very small number of materials have high chemical stability to titanium fluids, including ThO2, certain rare earth oxides, TaB2, Npc, certain rare earth sulfides and certain rare earth oxyfluorides.
Titanium tube 5 major features
1. Titanium tube corrosion resistance. Seamless titanium tube made of extrusion process, welding titanium tube made of sheet metal after welding. General seamless titanium tube wall thickness is relatively small, caliber is relatively small. Titanium in the air below 550 ℃, the surface will quickly form a thin and dense titanium oxide film, so in the atmosphere, sea water, nitric acid and sulfuric acid and other oxidizing media and alkali, the corrosion resistance is better than most of the stainless steel.
2. Titanium tube high strength. Titanium alloy has a high strength, the tensile strength of 686-1176MPa, while the density is only about 60% of steel, so the high strength
3. Titanium tube hardness is higher. Titanium alloy (annealed) hardness HRC is 32-38.
4. High temperature and low temperature performance. At present, the working temperature of the new heat-resistant titanium alloy can reach 550-600 ℃. At low temperature, the strength of the titanium alloy increases at room temperature and has good toughness. The low temperature titanium alloy can maintain good at -253 ℃ toughness. Seamless titanium tube at high temperatures, titanium alloy can still maintain good mechanical properties, the heat resistance is higher than the aluminum alloy, and the working temperature range is wide.
5. Titanium tube elastic modulus is low. Titanium alloy (annealed) elastic modulus of 1.078 × 10-1.176 × 10MPa, about half of steel and stainless steel. Implementation of the standard: ASTMB337, ASTMB338, ASTMB338B861.
Titanium alloy: based on titanium alloy as base to join other elements, and is mainly used to produce aircraft engine compressor components, rockets and missiles and high-speed plane of industrial structure and other corrosion resistant structure materials.Titanium alloys have high strength and low density, good mechanical properties, good toughness and corrosion resistance.However, titanium alloy cutting processing is difficult, in hot processing, it is very easy to absorb the hydrogen and oxygen nitrogen and other impurities, the production process is complicated.
Recently, darjei industrial co., LTD. First successful rolling Φ127 & times;9.19mm titanium alloy drill pipe product, Φ168 & times;11 mm Marine with pure titanium pipe and for ships with large diameter thick wall high strength titanium alloy cylinder tube evaluation sample, fill in the steel pipe industry in China a number of hot rolling technology of the titanium alloy pipe blank, improved the market competitiveness of the company's products.
The thermal rolling process of titanium alloy is different from traditional cold processing and extrusion molding process.The early stage of the group company although accumulated some experience in titanium alloys with high strength and high tenacity rolling, but the trial production in addition to the gas pipe products, drill pipe and Marine soft with low grade pipe steel, material, high temperature rolling difficulty is very big.Technology center of titanium alloy project joint pipe rolling and three round pipe company, through the preliminary data accumulation and new product performance analysis, organizing workshops for the production of new material details had in-depth discussions, the rolling and processing plan again.In the face of intensive production rhythm and reasonable arrangement, three titanium alloy products have been successfully rolled in one day, and the geometric dimensions of the steel tubes and the inner and outer surface quality of the steel tubes meet the user requirements.The success of the rolling mill has laid a solid foundation for the production of multi-variety and multi-specification titanium alloy tubes, and expanded the application market of titanium alloy tubes.