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Titanium Bars Compact Structure

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Titanium rod filter using titanium powder sintered filter, Titanium Bars generally used for coarse filtration or intermediate filtration. The material is 316L or 304 stainless steel, the internal filter for the titanium tube, with a light texture, high temperature, high pressure, strong acid, alkali, corrosion, filter can be used repeatedly and so on.
It is widely used in food, beverage, Titanium Bars pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries of liquid-solid separation, especially in the pharmaceutical industry for large infusion and injection production line decarburization filter. This series of products with a compact and beautiful design according to GMP standard production, pipe fittings using international standard quick connection, Titanium Bars easy disassembly and cleaning.
1. Closed good, compact structure, easy to damage. Applicable to the production site more harsh working conditions, no maintenance costs;
2. The filter solution, adsorbent, Titanium Bars catalyst no adsorption loss of the problem, do not change the original composition of the working medium;
3. Non-toxic, non-magnetic, no shedding, biological integration is good, because of this performance, so titanium rod filter is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, Titanium Bars food and beverage industry;
4. Small footprint, high temperature, and good oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of acid and alkali salts and a variety of organic solvents, Titanium Bars high temperature precision filtration;
5. Easy to disassemble, filter structure and diverse, to meet a variety of filtering requirements;
6. High filtration accuracy, Titanium Bars can be more than 0.2 micron particles particles filter.
Usually the deepening of the mild steel or aluminum plate does not need to take into account this condition, because even under the ultimate drawing coefficient of its plasticity is more than enough, but titanium, especially titanium deformation capacity is limited. Titanium Bars It can not afford to shrink from the diameter of the hair to the deformation of the diameter of the cylinder, Titanium Bars so it is often the key to determine the success or failure.
This is also the special place of titanium, Titanium Bars from the listed data is easy to understand, such as TC3 titanium rod in a simple bending state of the minimum bending radius of 5.5-6 times the thickness of the sheet, if we use the usual deep drawing steel plate Filament radius of 5 times the thickness of the mold to deepen the TC3 titanium plate, it is clear that it will be broken due to bending, Titanium Bars which is a more dangerous with a tensile force, assuming that the sheet and punch four corners do not occur relative sliding , You can get the following relationship: r-mode> 2rmin + t
Titanium, Titanium Bars especially the high strength of the titanium alloy rebound than the steel plate to be several times, so sometimes the parts out of the deep, but the accuracy is too low, in the drawing box shape accuracy problems become more serious.