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Titanium Bars How To Choose A Reducing Agent

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Titanium bar physical and chemical properties & How to Choose A Reducing Agent
Titanium rod has good physical and chemical properties, low density, light weight, non-magnetic, high strength, good corrosion resistance, which has good mechanical properties and welding performance, titanium rod is widely used in chemical equipment, desalination , Marine parts, electroplating industry, titanium corrosion resistance is generally 10 times the stainless steel, and titanium metal is relatively low rejection of the metal, so the processing of medical titanium rods, widely used in human implantation and medical equipment The
Titanium rod production technical requirements:
1, titanium and titanium alloy bar chemical composition should be consistent with GB / T 3620.1, the provisions of the re-inspection, the chemical composition of the allowable deviation should be consistent with the provisions of GB / T 3620.2.
2, the diameter or side of the thermal processing rod and its allowable deviation should be consistent with the provisions of Table 1.
3, after the thermal processing by the car (grinding) light bar and cold-rolled, cold drawn bar diameter deviation should be consistent with the provisions of Table II
4, after the heat processing by the car (grinding) light rod bar length should not be greater than half the size of its tolerance.
5, the processing of the bar length of the length of 300-6000mm, the state of the bar bar length of 300-2000mm, length or length should be within the length of the length of the range
How to choose titanium rod reductant?
The reduction activity of various reducing agents on ilmenite decreases in the following order: charcoal> anthracite> petroleum coke> metallurgical coke. Charcoal activity is high, and can charge a greater resistance
Petroleum coke has a higher carbon content, low ash content, but low activity, expensive, not ideal for reducing agents, only in small-scale production of high-quality titanium slag. Domestic and foreign production practice shows that anthracite is a suitable reducing agent for smelting high titanium slag, its carbon content and activity are high, the price is low, the source is reliable, and the resistance is higher after mixing with ilmenite concentrate (80 ~ 340k0 / cm3), but should choose low ash, low volatile and low sulfur anthracite.
In principle, all carbon-containing materials, such as coal, petroleum coke, metallurgical coke, charcoal and graphite powder, can be used as a reducing agent for melting high titanium slag.
From the rationality of the process and the economy, should choose high activity, low conductivity, low ash, low volatile, low sulfur content and cheap reducing agent. The high activity of the reducing agent can increase the reduction rate, reduce the melting time, reduce the energy consumption and improve the production capacity. Reducing agent conductivity is low, can improve the performance of the charge to ensure a reasonable power supply system. Reducing the ash content of the reducing agent reduces the contamination of the product with high titanium slag. Reducing of the reducing agent is low, which can reduce the displacement of the smelting process and stabilize the furnace condition. As already mentioned, sulfur is a harmful impurity of smelting iron slag, and it is undoubtedly chosen as low as sulfur