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Titanium Pipe Intrinsic Nature

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The advantage of titanium is that it has a high strength, quality ratio (high strength, but light quality) good corrosion resistance, non-magnetic thermal expansion and thermal conductivity small,Titanium Pipe impact toughness (some of the domestic flashget called metal reduction) and the main characteristics of the high Anti-Fatigue index. In materials science, the titanium alloy is called the same-shaped metal because it exhibits different crystalline shapes, with six angular shapes or cubes. Titanium tube and titanium alloy tube mainly used in military, paw This method is not used in bicycle manufacturing, and then the noble and complex chemical processes. Titanium Pipe Pure titanium means nothing because it's too soft. In order for it to have practical value, TI is extremely difficult to refine because it must be segregated. It is necessary to add another metal as an assistant. Of course, the premise of all this is based on the inherent nature of TI itself. So what is commonly called titanium is an alloy with special properties.
When workers are manually welded, the protection of gases does not guarantee that they can provide a completely airtight atmosphere. Gloves still need to touch the tubing. Titanium Pipe In order to reduce this effect, a good welding work between the first purification of the air environment, and will be in this space into a large number of neutral gas, all of which brings a significant problem is the cost of improving (now we should know why the titanium alloy frame expensive) is the use of arc. cannot be treated with an approximate value, and when welding, a titanium alloy frame high Temperature environment, to put all the hazards of the range of gas isolation, Titanium Pipe so that it is not contaminated by the "infection" called Bath melting (imagine people in the flush hot bath, is the whole body surrounded by hot water, as the name implies) the use of gas is called "Monitoring gas" Welding in the small environment, this gas inert there are two ways to invent a welding environment, the first method is to use a bell-shaped hood, the other is to maintain the welding site to provide an inert gas, the demand for the flow of time, Titanium Pipe the traffic is rich, continue to stabilize, with the whole environment enveloped by air Generally I choose argon and helium because it is easy to provide and cheap. Titanium Pipe The dosage above will be 75% argon and 25% helium mixture for some special cases, Titanium Pipe such as welding local larger, in order to optimize efficiency, will also make electricity arc to act as a gas environment.