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Titanium Pipe Welding Method

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With the expansion of the application of titanium tube, the dosage is also increasing. Our titanium tube has been used in the building, and in order to make the construction more scientific, we will provide high performance titanium tubes for the majority of users.
Welding process of titanium tube
Pipe cutting and groove processing of titanium pipe; Pipe cutting and groove processing shall be carried out in a mechanical machining method in a specialized working place. When processing, clean water with non-polluting medium for cooling, in case of oxidation. The processing tools should be dedicated and kept clean to prevent iron contamination. The finished pipe should be smooth surface, no crack, heavy skin and so on. The maximum inclination deviation of the incision plane is not more than 1% of the pipe diameter.
Surface cleaning: the stainless steel wire brush of austenitic stainless steel is used to remove the rust, paint, dirt, dirt and other sundries that can react with titanium. The grinding wheel is used to repair the surface, removing the defects such as the flying side, the burrs and the convex concave.
Alignment of titanium tube, accessories, alignment, alignment of the axis shall be uniform and the clearance shall be uniform, and the titanium pipe shall be damaged and polluted in assembly. Avoid mandatory group pairs. Position welding is used in the same welding process as in formal welding.
Nondegreasing treatment of titanium tube: the free - degreasing treatment of all solder surfaces and the 50mm in the vicinity of the groove can be treated with celluloid sponge and the surface should be free of any residue after treatment. Welding: shall be carried out under the conditions of the relevant standards.
What are the methods for improving titanium tube welding?
For titanium pipe are available in a variety of welding methods used, the most widely used is the inert gas shielded arc welding arc welding (group), and other such as plasma welding, vacuum electron beam welding, spot welding, vacuum brazing and diffusion welding are also used. However, the oxygen - acetylene welding, manual arc welding, carbon dioxide gas protection and hydrogen welding are not suitable for welding. Because titanium is at high temperature with oxygen and chlorine. Hydrogen and other gases will react strongly, and the weld in the air will be completely embrittled. Only in vacuum or in the atmosphere of protection will it be soldered.
In order to improve the welding property of titanium tube and guarantee the quality of weld area, the following two factors should be paid special attention.
(1) impact of gap elements
During welding, due to the oxidation, nitrification and hydrogenation caused by the good protection, The moisture absorption of the workpiece and the adsorption of the welding wire and the absorption of hydrogen by the process of pickling and so on; The residual tube lotion and cotton yarn residue of oil pollution and weld seams will increase the strength of the gap element in the weld area, the plastic will decrease, and even the plastic will be lost.
The air holes in the titanium tube weld are caused by the failure of the gas and the gas flow in the welding pool to be discharged during the condensation process. Hydrogen is thought to be the main cause of stomata.
The cold crack in the titanium weld is caused by excessive hydrogen formation, and the cold crack sometimes occurs after welding, which is called delayed fracture.
(2) the formation of the coarse grain size and the formation of metastable tissues
Titanium and titanium tube have high melting point and poor thermal conductivity. Welding seam and heat affected zone at the temperature above the critical point T stay a long time, causing the two parts of coarse grains, because titanium by phase change fine grains, which often caused welded joint lower plasticity. In addition, the welding cooling speed of the welding seam is very fast. Therefore, the performance of the welding zone can be affected by not proper heat treatment after welding.
In view of the above, titanium pipe welding work must be strictly controlled in the parent metal and welding material (including filler material and anaerobic flux) the harmful impurities, especially the gap element such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon content. Before welding, the workpiece, filler wire and fixture and equipment should be cleaned strictly to prevent pollution during welding and reduce the damage of the gap elements. In addition, it is necessary to adopt the welding code of small line energy to reduce the tendency of metal overheating. The proper welding heat treatment system should be selected for different alloys to adjust the organization and mechanical properties of weld and heat affected areas.
Titanium rod light weight, high strength, superior mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely used in: aerospace, ships, auto parts, bicycle parts, marine engineering desalination, mariculture, offshore oil drilling, sea water pipelines; power industry in the ocean thermal power station, condenser, steam Turbine Titanium Blade; Chlor-Alkali, Soda Ash, Urea, and Vacuum Salt Chemical Petrochemical Industry Petrochemical; Electrolytic, Electroplating in Metallurgical Industry; Textile, Papermaking, Fuel in Light Industry.
 The high temperature resistant
Titanium filter resistance to high temperature can reach 300 ° C, this is unmatched by other filter.This feature is widely used in high-temperature working environment, and polymer filter, their degree of heat resistance is poor, is generally not more than 50 ° C, more than 50 ° C its support and membrane will be change, filtration precision appear large deviation.Even four fluorine filter above 120 ° C, the long-term work pressure of 0.2 MPa working environment also can appear the phenomenon such as deformation, aging.The titanium rod filter can be used in this environment for a long time.