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Titanium Pipe Process Characteristics

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Titanium heat exchanger is a high-quality titanium tube made of heat will be part of the heat transfer to the cold fluid heat transfer equipment. Titanium heat exchanger by virtue of the many advantages of industrial titanium, chemical, oil, power, food and many other industrial sectors of the common equipment, Titanium Pipe occupies an important position in the production.
In practical use, the heat exchanger heat exchanger and the heat exchanger material and process characteristics have a great relationship. Material in the concentration process, Titanium Pipe the solute or impurities are often deposited in the heating surface, precipitation and crystallization of the formation of scale, affecting heat transfer; some solute is heat-sensitive, high temperature residence time is too long and perishable; some materials with greater corrosive Or higher viscosity and so on.
Titanium heat exchanger made of high quality titanium tube. In physical properties, titanium tube with a light weight, superior mechanical properties and other advantages. Titanium strength, titanium tensile strength up to 180kg / mm2. Some steel strength is higher than titanium alloy, Titanium Pipe but the titanium alloy specific strength (tensile strength and density ratio) is more than high-quality steel. In addition, titanium alloy has good heat resistance, low temperature toughness and fracture toughness.
Titanium heat exchanger with a variety of fine properties of industrial titanium, widely used in various types of seafood farming, sea water heat exchange, salt water heat, chemical, food, medicine, Titanium Pipe metallurgy, refrigeration, light industry, electroplating industry, Titanium Pipe Salt, paper, ultrasonic, electronic communications, central heating and other industries and fields.
Titanium tube has plasticity. High-purity titanium tube elongation up to 50 ~ 60%, section shrinkage up to 70 ~ 80%. Although the high purity titanium tube strength is low, Titanium Pipe but pure industrial titanium contains a small amount of impurities and the addition of alloying elements can significantly strengthen its mechanical properties, so that the strength can be compared with high strength. Titanium Pipe This means that industrial pure titanium tube, as long as it contains a small amount of gap impurities and other metal impurities, it can make it both high strength, and the appropriate plastic
The specific strength (strength to weight ratio) of the pure titanium tube is very high in the metal structure material, and its strength is comparable to that of the steel, Titanium Pipe but its weight is only 57% of the weight of the steel.
Titanium tube heat resistance is very strong, in the 500 ℃ atmosphere can still maintain good strength and stability
Corrosion resistance, Titanium Pipe which is because of its affinity for oxygen is particularly large, can produce a layer of dense oxide film on its surface, Titanium Pipe can protect the titanium from the media corrosion. Therefore, titanium in acid, alkaline, neutral saline solution and oxidizing medium has good stability, than the existing stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals corrosion resistance is good.