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The Previous Life Of Sponge Titanium

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A piece of titanium sponge is removed from the condenser and it looks really ugly like a pile of broken slag.Worker, however, with very clean containers, careful handling, in a clean, such as washing oil hydraulic press and jaw crusher will break it into small pieces, with galvanized iron drum lined with plastic film packaging, packaging of pumping air into vacuum state, even after argon filling, put in dry warehouse, ready to sell.In this case, the titanium sponge is anything but idle.So, what is it?About 15 billion years ago, the universe began with a big bang and then there was matter.The most primitive elements of H and He produces, began to a galaxy, stars began to form, later appeared in the solar system, and the earth was born about 4.6 billion years ago, 
titanium is about that time came to the earth.Perhaps even earlier, before the earth was born, titanium had been generated by some lighter elements.In titanium generated after long years, how is it with the other elements reaction and generating ore, this probably nobody said clear, geologists can speak clearly, is in a certain geological time, the earth's crust strenuous exercise, volcanic eruptions, rutile, ilmenite these titanium minerals from churning out below the surface, the weathering, erosion and deposition, formed a huge deposit around the world.Titanium is a living wave element that reacts with most elements, and its fate is bound to be bumpy.About 3000 years ago, humans had mastered the technology of iron smelting, metal elements of iron has already entered the early human civilization, witnessing the rise and fall of agricultural civilization, participate in the vigorous development of industrial civilization, until modern times, steel is still the most eminent metal elements, the family no one.Compared with the glory of iron, titanium appears to be unknown. In the long years, it just lay quietly on the deposit, seemingly never discovered by mankind.Time finally came to the more than 200 years ago, in 200, a British minister named gregor found it the first time, but forget to give it a name that elder brothers, four years later, in 1795, the germans carat Mr. Preuss, rutile in research, and discovered the titanium, and the Greek mythology hercules Titan (Titans to) give it a name.The chemical properties of titanium are described as living waves, so it's very difficult to separate them from minerals, which is probably a big reason why humans discovered it late.Fortunately, the germans eventually separated from the pure titanium, and the germans decided it took a lot of effort to accomplish this feat. Otherwise, how could he have named the titanium as hercules?The hercules, who had been separated by the German effort, remained in obscurity for a long time.It still has to do with its nature, and character determines its fate.Because of the titanium's living wave personality, the smelting is extremely difficult, and because there is little known reserves, it has been regarded as a rare precious metal.War promotes technological progress, which is a human language with self-destructive tendencies.But in any case, it was the case that the two world wars, the planes played an increasingly important role, who grabbed the air and who won the battle.To this end, the U.S. military has spared no expense to build more capable fighters.So why choose the expensive titanium alloy to make a plane?(titanium alloy is a product of pure titanium after alloying of metallurgy, titanium sponge if compared to pork, titanium alloy is similar to the pork after cooking seasoning and tea made of braise in soy sauce meat), and this is, of course, because of its unusual outstanding performance, this time, the fate of the titanium starts to change!He will be a blockbuster in the material world.As a structural material, steel, though strong and resistant, is very strong, yet too dense to be used on aircraft.Aluminum alloy as a structural material, although the density is small, oxidation resistance, make the parts of lightweight, durable, but strength is not high, heat resistant performance is not good, the aircraft cruising speed reaches a certain height will soften, cannot be entrusts with an important task.Titanium alloy is a combination of both advantages, clever to avoid the disadvantages of both, high strength, small density, but also has good heat resistance and low temperature resistance, and corrosion resistant performance, almost never rust, titanium alloy will be chosen to make the plane, not only can reduce weight, save fuel, but also can improve the flight performance, prolong life, at the time, the metal is for the aircraft (inexorably, all-powerful today aviation and composite materials).The titanium smelting and processing technology has never stopped, given its unparalleled performance.In 1948, after the second world war, the americans finally produced 2 tons of spongy titanium with a magnesium reduction, which began the industrialization of titanium.Titanium is after large-scale application, its excellent performance is becoming more and more get the favour of people, not only the aircraft industry is more and more, so he built spacecraft, rocket, missile also absolutely can't away from him.Not only in the sky, but also because of the excellent performance of the titanium seawater corrosion, he was more used in building ships, nuclear submarines, and receiving the baptism of the waves.With titanium is finding wider and wider application in the field of military industry, smelting and processing of titanium manufacturing cost also because of the progress of technology and gradually reduce, the price of titanium finally not so unattainable, as before slowly on his civilian areas, sports equipment, medical equipment, environmental engineering and other fields have appeared more and more of his figure.As mentioned above, the human want to fly higher, dive deeper, more comfortable life, needs to be more excellent performance of materials, titanium and titanium alloy is capable of high temperature and corrosion resistant, has high strength, and low density, good biocompatibility and, his reputation as a universal metal, the fighter jet of people called the titanium metal, metal, metal in the future, the name is mind-boggling.But titanium is 4.6 billion years old.Behind these dazzling titles, he knew exactly what was hiding.He wants to remind people that focusing on nature and the universe and making him less desire is a serious topic.What caused his thinking, of course, was the smelting process.Nonferrous metallurgy = high energy dissipation + high emission = fog haze full of shenzhou, you know!The titanium smelting is very difficult, because his chemical properties are so reactive that most of the elements in the periodic table can react.In fact, the whole process of titanium smelting is a complex chemical reaction process, and it is not easy to isolate and extract it.For the rutile titanium ore, the human need to use chlorine from TiO2 him and generate TiCl4, then use more lively than titanium magnesium, make him from TiCl4 reduction, then distilled in a vacuum environment, titanium is distilled out all the loose and porous, shaped like a sponge, it is the origin of his name.Titanium of the smelting process is an electrolytic reduction process, need to use a lot of electricity, what kind of metal smelting has never used so much power, so his price is almost with electricity come from - each got a ton of titanium sponge, need 3000 ~ 4000 kW, electricity, industrial electricity price, $0.989 1 KWH, electricity only are going to catch up with the selling price, and because all process in special equipment, special environment of titanium (because it was live wave), so his smelting cost is extremely high, high costs means of titanium smelting is extremely friendly to the environment, in fact, to put it bluntly, titanium smelter is a huge chemical plant., both in the production of titanium sponge, chlorine, hydrogen chloride and titanium tetrachloride gas waste, and the solid waste such as a halide, the waste water, emissions of titanium smelting wastewater contains a large amount of hydrochloric acid (HCl).Gas waste is treated with two levels of water wash and two - grade alkaline wash.However, the solid waste is relatively difficult to deal with because of the large quantity of production, the production process and the complexity of the components.The treatment of waste water, if it is in a country where the rule of law is not sound, can only be well.If you were to account for a single input and output, the huge environmental costs would naturally be counted.But humans tend to have their own little abacus, they are the species that use money to settle, and the history of money is only a few thousand years, don't forget, titanium his old family is 4.6 billion years old.In fact, over the past five years, there has been a serious overcapacity in the titanium industry in China.In 2000 China's production of titanium is only just 2000 tons, in 2013, titanium sponge production capacity in China has been more than 150000 tons, and the actual demand of no more than 60000 tons, the supply is the main cause of titanium sponge price upside down.Reminiscent of something, in 2013 China's steel production capacity has more than 1 billion tons, and the actual demand is only 660 million tons, titanium industry and iron and steel industry, the difference of ten thousand times the size, but fate is so similar, cannot help crying.Steel because of excess production capacity, the price is cheaper than cabbage already, a steel 2600 piece, one kilogram of steel 2 block 6, 1 piece of 5 a catty of cabbage, this is a steel mills boss go to vegetables city plant research results.Titanium is a different fate, everyone comes to him, is associated with the airlines annihilates 10, the C919, nuclear submarine, the space of chang 'e moon exploration project, even 3 d printing titanium alloy skull, titanium is synonymous with high and new materials.Identity is so noble, price must be high, if you design the Tucson ran, it is a wonderful country, titanium is rare metal, the price is very cheap, you don't trust say it may be, in 2006, the price of titanium was as high as 300000 yuan/ton, has dropped to 43000 yuan/ton, with China's house prices, completely is two way.In front of the market everybody's destiny is the same, the demand exceeds supply, the price increases, the supply exceeds demand, the price drops, this is the iron law, is the titanium law.The $40,000 sponge titanium sponge, which has been mentioned before, is probably not enough for smelters, and prices and markets are probably the best sedatives to cure the government's desire to invest in erections.In fact, in addition to titanium industry, before the magnesium, aluminum, rare earths, today's steel industry, from beginning to end not out of cheap resources, environmental pollution, we earn foreign exchange on the surface, is in the development of the economy, actually lost creativity, is lost the future.Maybe someone will say, the last in the country, etc, the fifties and sixties of Japan, South Korea, and s in today's China, in southeast Asia in the future, this is a team, this kind of fatalism, may say, but always feel too worthless, tasted the bitterness of others, we to taste it again, this is not a kind of creative thinking.In other words, in environmental protection increasingly high today, people talk about haze, economic model by eating resources and the environment is no future, the development of titanium industry is just as big, fast, the end is not the right direction, China is not Russia, is not a resource rich region, the healthy development of titanium industry, need intensive cultivation, the future of the Chinese titanium in the field of deep processing and high value-added.
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