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Why Isn’t Pure Titanium Expensive, But Titanium Alloy Products Are Expensive?

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There are several reasons for this: 1. Titanium sponge must be resmelted by electric furnace to become a usable titanium ingot, while titanium is very lively at high temperature and difficult to process.2. Pure titanium is very soft and is not suitable for use as titanium products, so it needs to be rejoined to other elements.For example, the commonly used titanium -64 in aviation industry is to incorporate many other elements to improve metal performance.Titanium is hard to machine.It's not hard, but it's sticky.I used a file to file a titanium -64 handle, and the trace of the file was soon filled with titanium slag.Because the speed is low and the titanium is not able to move, the speed is too high and the titanium is oxidized, the ordinary processing center can't process titanium alloy products.The frame is very thin and requires a great deal of fine processing, which is a great challenge for a particularly difficult material such as titanium.In addition, titanium alloy frames also involve titanium alloy welding technology, which is more difficult.That's why titanium alloy products are so expensive.
The strength of titanium is large, and the tensile strength of pure titanium can reach up to 180kg/mm2.Some of the steel is stronger than titanium, but the ratio of titanium alloy to strength (tensile strength and density) exceeds the quality steel.Titanium alloy has good heat resistance, low temperature toughness and fracture toughness, so it is used as aircraft engine parts and rocket and missile structural parts.Titanium alloys can also be used as fuel and oxidizer storage tanks and high pressure vessels.Now titanium alloys are used to make automatic rifles, mortar boards and recoilless gun tubes.The oil industry is mainly composed of various vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, distillation towers, pipes, pumps and valves.Titanium can be used as a condenser for electrodes and power stations and environmental pollution control devices.Titanium nickel shape memory alloy has been widely used in instrumentation.In medical care, titanium can be used as artificial bones and various utensils.Titanium is also a component of steelmaking deoxidizer and stainless steel and alloy steel.Titanium dioxide is a good raw material for paints and paints.Titanium carbide, carbon (hydrogen) titanium is a new kind of cemented carbide material.Titanium nitride is close to gold and is widely used in decoration. 
Titanium and titanium alloys are used in aviation industry, which is known as "space metal".In addition, it has been widely used in shipbuilding industry, chemical industry, manufacturing machinery parts, telecommunications equipment and hard alloy.In addition, titanium alloy can be used as artificial bone because of its good compatibility with human body.
Titanium zirconium nitrate and zirconium hydroxide are used in the atomic energy industry and in high temperature and high pressure to be used as an anticorrosive chemical material, but in solution, its liveliness is second only to sodium.So if you add a live wave of zirconium nitrate in a titanium hydroxide solution, you'll find that titanium is shut out of zirconium nitrate.
The usual titanium number is shown below:
Grade: Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr12,
Standard: American Standard, Russia Standard, Janpanese Standard, Chinese Standard.
Shenyang Daji Industrial Ltd., founded in 1993, is headquartered in Metallurgical Industrial Park, Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. Covering a total area of nearly 60, 000 sq. M. With the construction area of 20, 000 m2, it has three subsidiaries - Donggang Daji Nonferrous Metal Material Co., Ltd., (in Donggang Xincheng Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 20, 000 m2), Shenyang Timeet Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. (in Yuhong District, Shenyang), and Changshu Daji Titanium Co., Ltd.
Good Quality Titanium Sheet Manufacturer
It produces and sells titanium and titanium alloys, nickel and nickel alloys, wires, pipes, rods, plates and other products. It has grown from a technology start-up built from nothing to a comprehensive modern enterprise integrating research design, manufacturing, and product sales. It has a strong technical force, more than 100 employees including 20 people with senior and medium titles, and 60 sets of advanced production equipment, reaching an annual production value of up to RMB 300 million. It enters into partnerships with dozens of companies across the country, and exports its products to Russia, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and Japan and other countries and regions.