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Titanium Pipe At The Beginning Of The Formation

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Titaniumtubeintheformationofwhatwillencounterproblems? Theworldbegantoproducetitaniumtubeparts,hadalsoencounteredalotoftrouble.Mainlyonthealuminumpipepartsarefamiliarwiththefoodandtechnicalstaff,theti
Titanium tube in the formation of what will encounter problems?
The world began to produce titanium tube parts, had also encountered a lot of trouble. Mainly on the aluminum pipe parts are familiar with the food and technical staff, the titanium tube forming is not suited. The first cut off the edge of the process because the scissors blade wear too fast to become difficult when the shape of the hammer when the hammer is very proud of rough, knocking process bells back to the high back, parts, hammer on the mold hammer still failed to make parts Paste the mold. Because of this we all call titanium difficult molding materials, the industry's staff, said it is thermoformed material, which is the titanium tube forming performance of the more general and partial emotional evaluation. But this does not affect people to its specific sub-fold, when the understanding of its characteristics, in order to make appropriate treatment.
Titanium tube
It is true that titanium is not only a particularly large drawback, but there are also significant advantages such as 1970 in the pure titanium tube room temperature technical experience has been successfully processed the ultimate drawing coefficient of 2.75 of the cylindrical , Much more than the record of steel, steel and aluminum and other thick materials. Tests conducted 10 years earlier have yielded better results, and with conventional drawing materials and other materials, with a process to produce a height of more than the radius of the spherical pieces. For our now titanium industry has laid the foundation for the development.
The ship will certainly be corroded in the sea, seriously affecting life. So to improve the degree of corrosion of the hull, a lot of shipbuilding enterprises to become the first goal. So what should you choose to come? If the hull cooling water pipe flow rate is relatively high, and the need to withstand strong impact and corrosion, then, should choose titanium tube comparison. Although the performance of titanium tube is quite superior, but its price is particularly expensive, which also to the shipbuilder to bring trouble.
Titanium is half the weight of steel, so titanium tubing can be made with slightly larger diameters without a weight penalty. Larger diameter tubing provides greater stiffness to efficiently transfer power to the rear wheel without undue flex, all without beating you up over the course of a long ride. It's a magical combination of efficiency and compliance, with geometry, add-ons and options tailored to the wishes of the customer, something that can only be done with metal frames. We also offer tubing with ovalized and special hydroformed cross sections to further fine-tune the properties of the frame.