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Titanium Bars Compact Structure

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Titanium Rod Filter uses titanium Powder Sintered filter, Titanium Bars which is generally used in coarse filtration or intermediate filtration. This filter has high precision, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, shell materials for 316L Titanium Bars or 304 stainless steel. comply with GMP standards.
The filter has the characteristics of high pressure, strong acid, Titanium Bars alkali, corrosion resistance, and reusable filter, which can be reused is the use of powder metallurgy method of titanium powder has not been processed through high-temperature sintering of hollow filter, it is widely used in food, Titanium Bars beverages, medicine, chemical industry, such as liquid-solid separation, in the pharmaceutical industry, especially suitable for large infusion and injection production line of decarburization filtration. Titanium Bars This series of products with the structure of a compact appearance in accordance with the GMP standard production, pipe fittings connected to the use of international standard fast-loading, disassembly and cleaning convenience.
Titanium Rod Filter In the use of a period of time, will produce a certain degree of blockage, Titanium Bars performance: flow reduction, filter front pressure increased, Titanium Bars such as: from 0.22mPa below the increase to 0.3mPa above, this time to clean the filter, cleaning methods generally have the following:
1. For the new use of the filter, the general use of water recoil, gas blowing method to clean, that is slightly greater than the working pressure (such as: 0.3mPa) water reverse direction water injection cleaning. Titanium Bars The recoil time is about 1-3 minutes.
2. For many times after backwash, the filtration effect is not obvious rebound, Titanium Bars can be used under 5% of hydrochloric acid solution, or under 8% sulfuric acid solution, or under 10% NaOH solution under normal temperature immersion, and then rinse with water.
The specific choice uses the pickling or the alkali to wash, Titanium Bars should treat the impurity in the filtration liquid to dissolve in the acid or the alkali to choose
1. Good airtight, compact structure, not easy to damage. It is suitable for the poor working condition of the production site and no maintenance cost;
2. There is no adsorption loss for the filter solution, Titanium Bars adsorbent and catalyst, and the original components of the working medium are not changed;
3. non-toxic, non-magnetic, no shedding, good biocompatibility, because of this performance, so titanium rod filter widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry;
4. Small footprint, high temperature resistance, and good oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of acid and alkali salts and a variety of organic solvents high-temperature precision filtration;
5. Convenient disassembly, the structure of the filter is scientific and diverse, to meet a variety of filtering requirements;
6. High filtration accuracy, can be more than 0.2 microns in one-time filtration of particles.
Titanium is half the weight of steel, so titanium tubing can be made with slightly larger diameters without a weight penalty. Larger diameter tubing provides greater stiffness to efficiently transfer power to the rear wheel without undue flex, all without beating you up over the course of a long ride. It's a magical combination of efficiency and compliance, with geometry, add-ons and options tailored to the wishes of the customer, something that can only be done with metal frames. We also offer tubing with ovalized and special hydroformed cross sections to further fine-tune the properties of the frame.