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Titanium Pipe Process Characteristics

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Titanium heat exchanger is a high-quality titanium tube made of heat will be part of the heat transfer to the cold fluid heat transfer equipment. Titanium heat exchanger by virtue of the many advantages of industrial titanium, Titanium Pipe chemical, oil, power, food and many other industrial sectors of the common equipment, Titanium Pipe occupies an important position in the production.
 In practical use, Titanium Pipe the heat exchanger heat exchanger and heat exchanger material and process characteristics have a great relationship. Material in the concentration process, the solute or impurities often in the heating surface deposition, precipitation crystallization and the formation of scale layer, Titanium Pipe affecting heat transfer; some solute is heat-sensitive, high temperature residence time is too long and easy to degenerate; some materials have greater corrosive Or higher viscosity and so on.
Titanium heat exchanger made of high quality titanium tube. In the physical properties, titanium tube with a light weight, superior mechanical properties and other advantages. Titanium strength, Titanium Pipe titanium tensile strength up to 180kg / mm2. Some steel strength is higher than titanium alloy, but the titanium alloy specific strength (tensile strength and density ratio) is more than high-quality steel. Titanium Pipe In addition, titanium alloy has good heat resistance, Titanium Pipe low temperature toughness and fracture toughness.
 Titanium heat exchanger with a variety of fine properties of industrial titanium, widely used in various types of seafood farming, sea water heat exchange, salt water heat, chemical, Titanium Pipe food, medicine, metallurgy, refrigeration, light industry, electroplating industry, Salt, paper, ultrasonic, electronic communications, central heating and other industries and fields.
Although the titanium surface has a dense passivation film, Titanium Pipe in many strong corrosive medium is very resistant to corrosion, but because of the great affinity of titanium and hydrogen. Very easy to absorb hydrogen. At room temperature occurs, high temperature (such as 100 ℃) hydrogen absorption quickly. Hydrogen in the titanium in the fixed melting limit is very small (about 20ppm), more than the limit will be in the titanium surface precipitation of hydride (TtH2). With the increase of surface TiH2, Titanium Pipe the impact value and elongation of titanium decrease rapidly. In addition, in the transformation of the old unit, because the tube plate is copper alloy, condenser tube with titanium, Titanium Pipe which requires the use of cathodic protection device to prevent electrochemical corrosion such as Hitachi's power plant condenser with seawater cooling, titanium tube and copper alloy Plate composition of the galvanic, when the protection potential is less than a 0.75 v (ScE) when the export of titanium tube end of hydrogen, the use of hydrogen content of 650 ppm a year; if the potential selection of a 0.5 ~ 0.75.75 (scE) At room temperature, titanium does not occur hydrogen absorption.
As the corrosion resistance of titanium tube is good. Titanium condensers are not damaged by corrosion. Titanium Pipe But the titanium tube may be damaged due to vibration. Titanium Pipe In order to avoid the vibration problem of the titanium tube, it is necessary to determine the spacing of the spacer when making the base titanium condenser. In the transformation of the old unit, it is necessary to examine whether the original spacer spacing is suitable for the titanium tube.
Expansion Technology of Tubular Plate with Titanium Tube and Titanium Steel and Welding Process by Hand TIG Welding. And through the manufacture of liquid ammonia refrigerator proved that the titanium tube and titanium steel composite tube plate in the choice of a reasonable manufacturing process under the premise of access to high-quality weld, while titanium and titanium composite plate heat exchanger equipment manufacturing Accumulated a certain amount of experience.
Process test and welding process evaluation Titanium is an active element, at room temperature and oxygen can produce dense oxide film and maintain high stability and corrosion resistance. The oxidation of titanium and nitrogen, nitrogen, hydrogen reaction speed is faster, Titanium Pipe easy to produce brittle material, Titanium Pipe so that welding is very poor, so in order to ensure that the titanium tube and titanium steel composite tube plate Welding quality, Titanium Pipe we start from the material and equipment structure, after the process test and welding process assessment, get some data.