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Titanium Plate Structural Materials

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Titanium and titanium alloy is an extremely important lightweight structural materials, Titanium Plate widely used in aerospace, vehicle engineering, biomedical and other fields, Titanium Plate has always been a hot material research. With the development of economy and technology, Titanium Plate there have been more and more applications of titanium plate, but the corresponding surface quality problems are more prominent.
Titanium plate surface defects are conventional defects and unconventional defects two categories. Titanium Plate The general defect is:
1, scratches
Reason: guide plate, roller table, tools and roll is not clean, Titanium Plate there are stickers or angular burrs, rolling scratch surface; operation is not careful, so that the collision to form a scratch surface.
Measures: before rolling to check the tools, Titanium Plate guides, roller and roll, etc., found that the problem in time to clear; operation carefully, Titanium Plate do not pull chaos hit.
2, metal presses
Reason: the edge of the rolling burr and tail dregs pressed into the product surface.
Measures: timely elimination of burr edge glitches and surface foreign body. Crack edge, Titanium Plate split in time to cut off.
3, non-metallic presses
Reason: poor sanitation, dust and foreign matter fall on the surface of the workpiece; Titanium Plate after pickling, cleaning is not clean.
Measures: do a good job of health, timely removal of surface adhesion of the workpiece.
4, Ma Hang pits
Reason: pressure orthopedic annealing, the pressure plate or pad surface dust foreign body.
Measures: before the furnace in time to remove the platen and pad surface.
Titanium plate surface is easy to form a layer of passivation of the oxide film, the conductivity is poor, and the titanium plate in the process of easy to contaminate the oil, Titanium Plate titanium plate will lead to decreased conductivity, resistance increases, Titanium Plate while the coating can not Titanium plate surface close together. Titanium Plate Therefore, in order to improve the conductivity of the electrode, so that the coating and the substrate more closely, Titanium Plate and in order to remove the titanium plate during the processing of stains, etc., to ensure the electrochemical performance of the electrode and coating activity, Titanium Plate titanium matrix need to make the necessary deal with.
Titanium plate heat exchanger is a series of a certain corrugated shape of the metal sheet stack made of a new type of high efficiency heat exchanger between the various plates to form a thin rectangular channel, through the half of the heat exchange with it. Titanium Plate Compared with the case of the same flow resistance and pump power consumption, the heat transfer coefficient is much higher than that of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger, and there is a tendency to replace the shell and tube heat exchanger within the applicable scale. Titanium plate heat exchangers, heat exchangers Industry board commonly used materials are mainly austenitic stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloy, nickel and nickel alloy cold-rolled sheet industrial pure titanium 127 for plate heat exchanger, Titanium Plate industrial titanium 276 and Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni345 for tubular heat exchanger with TA1 titanium plate to build the plate heat exchanger, Titanium Plate compared with the tube heat exchanger has many advantages in the market has a strong competitive, mainly with In the chemical, Titanium Plate oil, ship, desalination and other hot swap system.
Titanium plate is the surface of the oxide film is equivalent to a good long-term wear-resistant release agent, the use of titanium plate to save the separation agent, so that easy to peel off the plate, eliminating the pre-treatment process, The board is lighter than the copper plate.2. Titanium plate of the life of copper plate is more than 3 times, according to operating conditions up to 10 to 20 years3. With titanium plate made of electrolytic copper crystal structure dense, smooth surface, excellent quality.4. Since the titanium plate without the need to apply the separation agent, which can avoid the pollution of copper electrolyte.5. Improve production capacity to reduce the cost of electrolytic copper production, which has a better economic benefits.