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Titanium bar washing and titanium filter
1, caustic washing: 3-5% of the nano-hydroxide analysis of pure solution soak 30-60 minutes, Titanium Bars the temperature of about 40 degrees. Titanium Bars Best in ultrasonic cleaning machines. After soaking with deionized water or water sprayed inside and outside to neutral, measured conductivity. With pure air ≥ 0.4Mpa pressure drying.
2, pickling: 5% nitric acid solution soak for 8 hours or more, the temperature is 40 degrees. Best in ultrasonic cleaning machines. After soaking with deionized water or water sprayed inside and outside to neutral, Titanium Bars measured conductivity. With pure air ≥ 0.4Mpa pressure drying.
3, the above two methods can be used alone, Titanium Bars can also be used in conjunction with each other. If the conditions can be combined with ultrasonic cleaning machine the best results.
4, organic pollution can be combined with surfactant cleaning, Titanium Bars cell debris pollution system combined with enzyme cleaning effect is more ideal.
(Food and beverage can be used to clean the high concentration of citric acid) Note: regular online anti-washing, (online cleaning with pure compressed air or filter solution or clean water recoil) can reduce the number of times with the above method of cleaning.
Resources are very rich, because titanium has a series of excellent performance. Titanium Bars Titanium industrial production came out immediately after the widespread attention. Titanium application first from the military and aviation industry began as early as 1951 the United States will use titanium on the plane, the former Soviet Union, the British titanium is also mainly used in the military and aviation fields. Titanium Bars Titanium is the first for aviation, the aviation market has been the most important market for titanium, Titanium Bars the world still accounts for 50% of the total titanium market in the 1970s, titanium excellent performance gradually in the civilian industry has been widely recognized, metallurgy, chemical , Electricity and other civilian industries on the application increased year by year, Titanium Bars the amount of steady growth. I believe that with the new application of titanium rods and titanium alloy from time to time development and development, in short. Titanium new dosage from time to time rise, Titanium Bars the future development of new applications of titanium market prospects bright.
Porous titanium filter is made of high purity titanium powder as raw material by high temperature sintering, is a deep filter, its structure is a uniform distribution of a large number of open pores, Titanium Bars with easy to control the aperture, high porosity, uniform pore size, the filter element Filtration resistance is small, good permeability, high temperature, corrosion resistance, long service life, Titanium Bars applicable to a variety of media filtration.
Titanium rod filters are typically designed at 20 inches in size, especially when used for solid-liquid separation (eg decarburization). Because 20-inch filter length is generally 500-600mm long, plus the length of the filter barrel, the workers need to put the height of the filter is 1 meter. Titanium Bars This is from the human operation, it is not appropriate. Moreover, because the titanium rod filter is made of high temperature titanium sintered, their relatively brittle. In the installation and removal process, Titanium Bars in the cylinder wall, the outer edge of the cylinder and the whole set of titanium rods put out, Titanium Bars are prone to bump situation. In the above case, there is a crack or crack situation.
Titanium rod filter body design, Titanium Bars should be based on the actual amount of activated carbon design titanium rod filter, need to set aside enough space to accommodate activated carbon powder. To avoid blocking the titanium rod filter, resulting in increased pressure, Titanium Bars the flow of the situation occurred, which can save energy.