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Titanium Pipe Stability

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Expansion Technology of Tubular Plate with Titanium Tube and Titanium Steel and Welding Process by Hand TIG Welding. And through the manufacture of liquid ammonia refrigerator proved that the titanium tube and titanium steel composite tube plate in the choice of a reasonable manufacturing process under the premise of access to high-quality weld, while titanium and titanium composite plate heat exchanger equipment manufacturing Accumulated a certain amount of experience.
Process test and welding process evaluation Titanium is an active element, Titanium Pipe at room temperature with oxygen to produce dense oxide film and maintain high stability and corrosion resistance. In the 540 "C above the oxide film is not dense. High temperature titanium and oxygen, Titanium Pipe nitrogen, hydrogen reaction speed faster, easy to produce brittle material, so that welding is very poor, Titanium Pipe so in order to ensure that titanium and titanium composite pipe Welding quality, we started from the material and equipment structure, after the process test and welding process assessment, get some data.
Titanium steel composite tube plate and titanium tube bundle using the first expansion after the welding process, in order to ensure product quality, we made the following process test.
Tube plate and tube bundle expansion of the process test The external cooler requirements after the first expansion after welding, strength from the expansion to ensure that the main seal from the role of welding. In order to ensure the strength of the expansion of the tube plate and tube bundle expansion of the process of testing.
Through the welding test found that: when the titanium tube and tube plate using full-position welding, the need to use argon protection shield to track the protection of the head heat area, so the need for two people when welding tube bundle, and should be closely with, Titanium Pipe Easy to make the head oxidative discoloration, affecting the welding quality. And in the horizontal position of welding, welding in the argon welding cover, Titanium Pipe not only the protection effect is good, to ensure the quality of welding; and easy to operate, as long as one person can operate, one argon welding can be welded more than 10 pipe head, greatly Speed up the welding progress. I plant plant pit, Titanium Pipe with horizontal position welding conditions, Titanium Pipe so the external cooling of the titanium tube bundle using a horizontal position welding is the best welding position
Titanium and oxygen have a strong affinity, at room temperature can produce dense oxide film, this layer of oxide film is a serious obstacle to the implementation of welding, we have a serious oxidation of titanium tube welding, found that will cause very serious cracks. Tests show that the surface oxide film on the surface of the weld must be carefully cleaned and treated to prevent the source of harmful impurities.
(With a diameter of 0.1mm austenitic stainless steel wire brush to remove the surface oxide layer to be welded), degreasing (scrub with acetone), with white silk cloth does not change color, qualified before welding Tube bundle, welding pause and non-welding area need to cover the white silk cloth, dirt is strictly prohibited into the welding area.
The titanium tube cleaning, Titanium Pipe depending on the surface quality of titanium tube, the surface oxidation is not serious titanium tube, the outer surface of the tube, especially the tube at 100mm, Titanium Pipe with acetone washed after the tube, Titanium Pipe welding again with acetone wipe pipe head and Tube hole.
Titanium is half the weight of steel, so titanium tubing can be made with slightly larger diameters without a weight penalty. Larger diameter tubing provides greater stiffness to efficiently transfer power to the rear wheel without undue flex, all without beating you up over the course of a long ride. It's a magical combination of efficiency and compliance, with geometry, add-ons and options tailored to the wishes of the customer, something that can only be done with metal frames. We also offer tubing with ovalized and special hydroformed cross sections to further fine-tune the properties of the frame.
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