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Titanium Bars Correct Bonding Method

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With the development of science and technology, Titanium Bars oral implant restoration is gradually accepted by patients, but because of the different bone mass of patients with personalized abutment is also more and more applied to the oral clinical. Due to the aesthetic effect of zirconia base Taiwan excellent repair and more patients received by the doctor. Today and we talk about the titanium rods and zirconia personalized docking docking the correct way.
Sandblasting should be closed with wax before the non-adhesive area to avoid contact with the soft tissue surface area is blasting to form a rough surface, Titanium Bars smooth surface can reduce the chance of bacterial attachment in order to reduce the occurrence of peri-implant inflammation.
Chemical bonding can effectively improve the adhesion. (Metal zirconium oxide treatment) on the titanium column and the zirconia internal adhesive surface coated with metal zirconia treatment agent twice each time for 30 seconds.
1, alkaline washing: with 3-5% of the nano-nano-solution of pure solution soak 30-60 minutes, Titanium Bars the temperature of about 40 degrees. Best in ultrasonic cleaning machines. After soaking with deionized water or water sprayed inside and outside to neutral, measured conductivity. With pure air ≥ 0.4Mpa pressure drying.
2, pickling: 5% nitric acid solution soak for 8 hours or more, the temperature is 40 degrees. Best in ultrasonic cleaning machines. After soaking with deionized water or water sprayed inside and outside to neutral, Titanium Bars measured conductivity. With pure air ≥ 0.4Mpa pressure drying.
3, the above two methods can be used alone, can also be used in conjunction with each other. If the conditions can be combined with ultrasonic cleaning machine the best results.
4, organic pollution can be combined with surfactant cleaning, Titanium Bars cell debris pollution system combined with enzyme cleaning effect is more ideal.
(Food and beverage can be used to clean the high concentration of citric acid) Note: regular online anti-washing, Titanium Bars (online cleaning with pure compressed air or filter solution or clean water recoil) can reduce the number of times with the above method of cleaning.
Titanium rod filter using titanium powder sintered filter, Titanium Bars generally used for coarse filtration or intermediate filtration. The material is 316L or 304 stainless steel, the internal filter for the titanium tube, with a light texture, high temperature, high pressure, Titanium Bars strong acid, alkali, Titanium Bars corrosion, filter can be used repeatedly and so on.
It is widely used in food, beverage, Titanium Bars pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries of liquid-solid separation, especially in the pharmaceutical industry for large infusion and injection production line decarburization filter. This series of products with a compact and beautiful design according to GMP standard production, Titanium Bars pipe fittings using international standard quick connection, easy disassembly and cleaning.
Main performance
1. Closed good, Titanium Bars compact structure, easy to damage. Applicable to the production site more harsh working conditions, no maintenance costs;
2. The filter solution, adsorbent, catalyst no adsorption loss of the problem, do not change the original composition of the working medium;
3. Non-toxic, non-magnetic, no shedding, biological compatibility is good, because of this performance, so titanium rod filter is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry;
4. Small footprint, high temperature, Titanium Bars and good oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of acid and alkali salts and a variety of organic solvents, high temperature precision filtration;
5. Easy to disassemble, Titanium Bars filter structure and diverse, to meet a variety of filtering requirements;
6. High filtration accuracy, can be more than 0.2 micron particles particles filter.