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Titanium Plate Structural Materials

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Titanium and titanium alloy is an extremely important lightweight structural materials, widely used in aerospace, vehicle engineering, biomedical and other fields, Titanium Plate has always been a hot material research. With the development of economy and technology, there have been more and more applications of titanium plate, Titanium Plate but the corresponding surface quality problems are more prominent.
Titanium plate surface defects are conventional defects and unconventional defects two categories. The general defect is:
1, scratched
Reason: guide plate, roller table, tools and roll is not clean, Titanium Plate with sticky material or angular burr, rolling scratch the surface; operation is not careful, so that each collision to form a scratch surface.
Measures: before rolling to check the tools, Titanium Plate guides, roller and roll, etc., found that the problem in time to clear; operation carefully, do not pull chaos hit.
2, metal presses
Reason: the edge of the rolling burr and tail dregs were pressed into the product surface.
Measures: timely elimination of burr edge glitches and surface foreign body. Crack edge, split in time to cut off.
3, non-metallic presses
Reason: poor sanitation, dust and foreign matter fall on the surface of the workpiece; after pickling, cleaning is not clean.
Measures: do a good job of health, Titanium Plate timely removal of surface adhesion of the workpiece.
4, Ma Hang pits
Reason: pressure orthopedic annealing, Titanium Plate the pressure plate or pad surface dust and foreign matter.
Measures: Temporarily remove the platen and pad surface before entering the furnace.
5, roll marks
Reason: roll surface wear serious, there are pits, linen, scratches, etc .; roll surface plate angle out of the pit.
Measures: find roll marks, to repair or replace the roll.
Unconventional defects are:
1, surface crack
Reason: incoming failure, the surface crack is not clean or the surface of the brittle suction layer is not clear, the other rules are unreasonable, pass processing rate is small, Titanium Plate too many times, or pass the processing rate of uneven distribution.
Measures: strict control of the surface quality of the material, a reasonable allocation of road processing rate, to ensure that the slab annealing temperature uniformity, Titanium Plate enhanced rolling lubrication.
2, acid spots
Reason: one is pickling, the residual acid is not washed clean, the formation of sheet drying. One is the plate in the stacking annealing, the surface oxidation uneven, Titanium Plate pickled surface corrosion caused by inconsistency.
Measures: pickling must be clean, to ensure that the surface of the plate no residual acid and then drying; reduce the thickness of the stack to ensure that the plate annealing evenly; can also be used sanding treatment, Titanium Plate to the latter rescue.