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Through a large number of tests and application examples have proved that the condenser in the power plant with titanium, in the technical and economic have great advantages, from an economic point of view, in Japan in 1983, a 1000Mw condenser Of the nuclear power unit with pipe (about 50,000 condensate tube) price, for example, Titanium Pipe according to the use of condensers for 40 years, aluminum brass average annual leakage lO root, titanium tube in 40 years without leakage. Here to talk about the application of titanium tube in the power station to solve the three problems:
1. Corrosion problem
The seawater of the coastal power station uses the sea water as the cooling water, because the seawater contains a lot of sediment, suspended matter, marine life and various corrosive substances in the seawater and river water alternately change the situation of the more severe salt water. Conventional use of copper alloy tube corrosion methods are: comprehensive corrosion (uniform corrosion), erosion, erosion and stress corrosion. Because titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, so the titanium tube condensers due to corrosion caused by seawater leakage accident has been eliminated, Titanium Pipe but because of the good corrosion resistance of titanium tube, unlike the copper alloy tube as a surface containing Therefore, it is necessary to have a corresponding cleaning device. Therefore, it is necessary to have a corresponding cleaning device.
2. Hydrogen absorption problems
Although the titanium surface has a dense passivation film, in many strong corrosive medium is very resistant to corrosion, but because of the great affinity of titanium and hydrogen. Very easy to absorb hydrogen. At room temperature occurs, high temperature (such as 100 ℃) hydrogen absorption quickly. Hydrogen in the titanium in the fixed melting limit is very small (about 20ppm), Titanium Pipe more than the limit will be in the titanium surface precipitation of hydride (TtH2). As the surface TiH2 increases, the impact value and elongation of titanium are rapidly reduced by 4J. In addition, in the transformation of the old unit, because the tube plate is copper alloy, Titanium Pipe condenser tube with titanium, which requires the use of cathodic protection device to prevent electrochemical corrosion such as Hitachi's power plant condenser with seawater cooling, Titanium Pipe titanium tube and copper alloy Plate composition of the galvanic, when the protection potential is less than a 0.75 v (ScE) so that the export of titanium tube end of hydrogen absorption, the use of hydrogen content of 650ppm a year; if the potential selection of a 0.5 ~ O.75 v (scE) Titanium will not occur hydrogen absorption. "
3. Vibration problem
As the corrosion resistance of titanium tube is good. Titanium condensers are not damaged by corrosion, but the titanium tube may be damaged due to vibration. Titanium Pipe To avoid the vibration problem of the titanium tube, it is necessary to determine the spacing of the spacer ; In the transformation of the old unit, you have to examine the original partition spacing is applicable to titanium tube.