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At present, titanium and its alloys are mainly used in aerospace and military industry. According to statistics, the application of titanium in aerospace titanium accounted for about 70% of the total production, including military aircraft, civil aircraft, aircraft engines, spacecraft, satellite link shell seat, high strength bolt, fuel tanks, missile warhead shell tail, etc.
The United States in this regard in the forefront of the world. As early as 1960s, the United States Appollo manned spacecraft landing on the moon, which is an epoch-making event in the history of space. Titanium made a remarkable contribution to the airframe material 5% with titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-5Al-2.5Sn (about 1.19 t). In 1980s, United States aircraft titanium consumption accounted for 70%~80%, every year with titanium amounted to 1.3~1.9 million tons, which accounted for the entire military aircraft aircraft with the amount of titanium 41%~70%[2], such as F-15 fighters, each with 30 t (titanium semi-finished products finished products 5 t). F-22, the newest fighter aircraft in the United States, accounts for about 45% of the total body weight of titanium, and the blades, blades and casing of the engine, the cylinder body and the tail nozzle of the engine are all made of titanium alloy. The manufacture of a stealth strategic bomber B-1B engine and shell structure requires nearly 90 t titanium. American turbine engine manufacturing company PWA Ti-35V-15Cr (Alloy-C) alloy has been used in the manufacture of F-119 engine nozzles and other parts.
Aviation manufacturing technology, 2006, 11 today ask aviation material is qualitative light, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and good comprehensive properties such as good formability, both to ensure that the aircraft airframe and engine parts in stress, high temperature, corrosion and other conditions have a strong ability to work, and the technology of aircraft at high quality.Titanium alloy because than high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and other excellent comprehensive performance and structure of high efficiency and is widely used in aviation, used in the manufacture of aircraft engine that requires more important parts and high strength and good heat resistance airframe 
In the field of chemical industry and other applications of titanium or titanium alloy semi-finished products and mechanical parts are put forward very high requirements, so in the field of aviation and aerospace, the cost of the development of test instruments and monitoring device is particularly high, so the price of gold to titanium and Jiao parts.
Titanium alloys have the highest tensile plasticity, can carry on the welding in a variety of ways, for a long time to use the highest temperature can reach 250 degrees Celsius, is mainly used to manufacture all kinds of stress on the aircraft and engine village of plate structure.The industrial pure titanium has good plasticity, can form all kinds of plank in cold state, still have high anti-corrosion ability.Ti5Al2. 5 sn titanium alloy has a medium at room temperature tensile strength (800 degrees Celsius lOOOMPa and good weld shape can be compared with pure titanium falling in with industry, the new type of titanium alloy mainly include all kinds of different levels of pure titanium industry and wide application of Ti5Al2. 5 sn titanium alloy, pure titanium room temperature tensile strength of 700 mpa range fluctuations at 350 degrees Celsius. Ti5Al2. 5 sn alloy process slightly lower plasticity, strong and hot sex is higher, for a long time working temperature can be as high as 450 degrees Celsius.