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Ilmenite, used as accessory minerals, or basic Ultrabasic disperse in magnetite into flakes, and dense pyroxene, plagioclase, symbiosis. Giant Crystal-ilmenite, occurs in granitic pegmatites, and microcline, Muscovite, quartz, magnetite symbiotic. Ilmenite is often rich in alkaline rocks. Due to its chemical stability, it can form the alluvial placer deposits, and magnetite, rutile, zircon, monazite symbiosis. According to Crystal, streak, weak magnetic Hematite or magnetite difference. Ilmenite Titanium is the most important ore minerals.
Titanium iron ore is the oxide mineral of iron and titanium, also known as titanium magnetite, which is the main mineral of titanium extraction.Titanium is heavy, gray to black, with a touch of metallic gloss.Crystals are usually made of plates, and the crystals are lumped together in blocks or grainy.Ingredients for FeTiO3.TiO252.66 % is the main mineral that extracts titanium and titanium dioxide.The trigonal crystal system, which is found in the Chinese iron ore deposit of sichuan, is distributed between magnetite granules or fissures and forms large deposits.The chemical composition of ilmenite is related to the formation condition.It is found in ultrabasic rock, the titanium iron ore in the basic rock, the MgO content is higher, and the Nb and Ta are not included.Titanium iron ore in alkaline rock, high in MnO, with Nb and Ta.Titanium iron ore, FeO and MnO are found in acidic rock, and the content of Nb and Ta is relatively high.
Titanium iron ore b0 is one of the main titanium minerals.Trigonal crystal, crystal is rare,
They are often irregular, scales, plates, or sheets.The colour is black or steel gray, stripe steel gray or black, when contain hematite pack body, the brown or lignite red.Metal to semi-metallic luster, shell or subshell fracture.Crispy.Hardness 5 ~ 6, density 4.4 ~ 5g/cm 3, density follows composition MgO content decrease or FeO content increases.Weak magnetism.In hydrofluoric acid, the solubility is greater, slowly soluble in hydrochloric acid.When dissolved in phosphoric acid and cooled and diluted, add sodium peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, and the solution is yellowish or orange.The titanium iron ore can be found in various types of rock, and is widely distributed in basic rock and acid rock.It is made from pegmatite, which is large and can be several centimetres.When the mineralized mother rock is destroyed by weathering, the iron ore can be transferred into the sand.
The chemical composition of ilmenite is FeTiO3 and crystal is the oxide mineral of trigonal crystal.English name is derived from the initial discovery of this mineral origin of Russian urals il door mountain (И л ь м е н с seem и е f о р ы).containing TiO252.66 % is the most important mineral material to extract titanium and titanium dioxide.Crystals are often tabular, and aggregate is lumpy or granular.Steel gray to iron black, stripe mark black to brown, semi-metallic luster.Morse hardness of 5 ~ 6, proportion 4.70 ~ 4.78.Weak magnetism.Ilmenite is generally used as a secondary mineral in igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks, and can also form sand mines.The famous mines include mount iren in Russia, klaegler in Norway and mt. Iron in the us state of Wyoming, and ellard lake in Quebec, Canada.China's sichuan panzhihua iron ore mine is also a large area of titanium iron ore, and its titanium ore is microscoped or flaky and distributed between magnetite granules or fissures.