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Inconel 718 tubes

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Inconel 718 tubes

Has the following characteristics


Easy processing


High tensile strength, fatigue strength, creep strength and breaking strength at 700


High oxidation resistance at 1000


Stable chemical properties at low temperatures


Good welding performance


Application field


Due to its high temperature strength at 700, excellent corrosion resistance and easy processing, it can be widely used in various high-demand occasions.

Steam turbine


Liquid fuel rocket


Cryogenic Engineering


acid environment


Nuclear Engineering


Chemical composition


Similar grades


GH4169, GH169 (China), NC19FeNb (France), NiCr19Fe19Nb5, Mo3 (Germany), NA 51 (UK) Inconel718, UNS NO7718 (US) NiCr19Nb5Mo3 (ISO)




Physical propertiesedit




Density ρ=8.24g/cm3


Melting temperature range


Melting temperature range 12601320


Processing and heat treatment


Inconel718 alloy is a difficult-to-process material in the field of machining.


Warm up


The surface of the workpiece must be cleaned before and during heating to keep the surface clean. If the heating environment contains sulfur, phosphorus, lead or other low melting point metals, Inconel718 alloy will become brittle. Impurities come from marking paint, chalk, lubricating oil, water, fuel, etc. The sulfur content of fuel should be low. For example, the impurity content of liquefied gas and natural gas should be less than 0.1%, the sulfur content of city gas should be less than 0.25g/m3, and the sulfur content of petroleum gas should be less than 0.5%.


The heated electric furnace should have a more precise temperature control capability, and the furnace gas must be neutral or weakly alkaline, and fluctuations in the oxidizing and reducing properties of the furnace gas should be avoided.


Thermal processing


The suitable hot working temperature of Inconel718 alloy is 1120-900. The cooling method can be water quenching or other rapid cooling methods. After hot working, it should be annealed in time to ensure the best performance. The material should be heated to the upper limit of the processing temperature during hot processing. In order to ensure plasticity during processing, the final processing temperature when the deformation reaches 20% should not be lower than 960°C.


Cold working


Cold working should be carried out after solution treatment. The work hardening rate of Inconel718 is greater than that of austenitic stainless steel, so the processing equipment should be adjusted accordingly, and there should be an intermediate annealing process during the cold working process.


Heat treatment


Different solution treatment and aging treatment processes will result in different material properties. Due to the low diffusion rate of γ" phase, Inconel718 alloy can obtain the best mechanical properties through long-term aging treatment.




The oxide near the weld of the Inconel718 workpiece is more difficult to remove than the stainless steel. It needs to be polished with a fine sanding belt. Before pickling in a mixed acid of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, the oxide should be removed with sandpaper or a salt bath deal with.

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