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The role of titanium in sporting goods such as golf clubs and badminton rackets

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The application of titanium metal in sporting goods, from the earliest tennis rackets, badminton rackets to golf clubs, handles and racing cars that have been widely used in recent years, has made people's understanding of titanium a big step.
1.Titanium golf clubs, the ball head
   Titanium golf clubs, the ball head is still a major pillar of titanium in the civilian application, the world's manufacturers seem to have produced golf clubs and ball heads. Golfers always want to play with a bigger club. Titanium has a small specific gravity and high strength, which can make the ball head bigger without increasing the total weight of the club. In a wide range of tests, the hit rate of the titanium ball head for golf balls was increased by an average of 20% compared to the hit rate of the steel ball head, and the hitting distance was improved.
2. Tennis racket, badminton racket
   At present, the application of titanium in tennis rackets is mainly to embed a net made of pure titanium into the racket frame. In this way, not only the instantaneous inertial force of the tennis racket hitting the ball is improved, but even if the ball does not hit the center of the racket, it is easy to hit the ball, and the striking force of the racket is enhanced.
In recent years, the demand for Japanese titanium tennis rackets has been on the rise. Nowadays, almost all tennis racket manufacturers in Japan are selling titanium rackets, which account for half of the racket market. In order to divide the grades, the manufacturers produced rackets based on the characteristics of titanium. In the handle part of the tennis racket, titanium-nickel superelastic alloy materials and coating processing methods were also used to develop new uses for titanium.
3. Racing bicycle
   The bicycle is driven by humans because it needs to be very light, especially in racing cars that consider the speed of the game. If you lose 1 gram of the weight of the car, you can fight for a thousandth of a second. A typical bicycle uses 36 spokes, while a titanium bike uses 24, which not only reduces weight but also reduces wind resistance. At present, nearly 50 companies produce titanium bicycles, and the United States has long been the world's largest producer and consumer of titanium bicycles. Cycling is now widely carried out around the world, and titanium bicycles are particularly suitable for high-end cycling, so the sales of titanium bicycles are gradually increasing.
4. Racing car
   Due to its excellent physical and mechanical properties, titanium has been used in racing and limited production of exotic sports cars. Titanium is used in the automotive industry to significantly reduce vehicle weight, reduce fuel consumption, protect the environment and reduce noise. The characteristics of titanium have been well represented in the car.
5. Other sporting goods
   Mountaineering and skiing are moving towards lighter weight and miniaturization. Titanium has the characteristics of light specific gravity, high strength, and low impact value at low temperatures. It has been widely used as a superior mountaineering and skiing material, such as titanium alloy climbing sticks, hiking soles, climbing fasteners, and ski poles. , ice skates, etc. Titanium sporting goods include: fencing protective masks, swords, fishing rods, fishing reels, rowing parts, injection-molded Ti-Fe series soles for track and field running shoes, and so on.